State Library Shimla

Shimla, which is a famous tourist destination, was the summer capital of India for more than 100 years during the British era. The city has been left a very rich legacy from the British rulers, in form of the culture, traditions, sports and the architecture.  Among the other things, Shimla has inherited many British –era buildings, which were used for official and the residential purposes.

State Library, Shimla

The city has lot of buildings, which are still maintained in good condition and used by the govt. and people of Shimla for various purposes. These buildings are in the center of the city and around the city. The architecture still attracts the people, who love the quaint charm of these buildings. One of such British-era buildings is known as the State Library.

About the State Library Shimla

Readers at State Library, ShimlaIf your first love is to turn the pages of old and rare books in a quaint place, visit the State library while in Shimla.

There are two to three state libraries in Shimla, whose history goes back to British era.  One of the must places to visit in Shimla is the centre of the city, The Ridge.

As you are walking down the charming street at the ridge, you will see various British-era buildings behind you. Behind Christ Church, you will see a lone structure, which is a small and colonial style of the building. It is known as the State Library.

During the British era, it was one of the important parts of the city, where people use to borrow books for reading. It was also the cultural centre of the city.  Today, also it is one of the important cultural parts of the Shimla city. The State Library has preserved more than thousands of the rare and old books in safe custody for the keen readers.

State Library during Winter

The building of the State Library was constructed in 1860s. Built near the Christ Church at the Ridge, this quaint gothic structure attracts lot of visitors. Today, it is also known as the Municipal Corporation Library. The building of the library is built with the timber and the stone. It has very wide wood paneled windows which are located on every side of the building and adds to its beauty. It also has a sloping roof, which keeps it safe from the elements of the weather.

When you are staying in Shimla for vacation, you should take some spare time from the schedule and visit this beautiful place. You may find some classic and the timeless books, which you have always coveted and want to turn the pages of the book for reading. For a library, the location is perfect in the centre of the city, where all the residents can access the books.

Places To Visit Nearby the State Library

The State Library is located in the center of the city. There are many other places which you can visit nearby.
  • Vice Regal Lodge - 3.2 km
  • Observatory Hill - 0.2 km
  • Mashobra - 6.3 km
  • Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex - 0.2 km

Shopping Places Nearby the State Library

  • Lakkar Bazaar - 0.2 km
  • Dockers San Francisco - 0.2 km
  • Himachal Emporium - 0.2 km
  • Mall Road - 0.3 km
  • Lower Bazaar - 0.3 km

Nearby Places at State Library To Eat

  • Cecil Restaurant - 0.2 km
  • Trishool Bakers - 0.2 km
  • Wake & Bake Café - 0.2 km
  • Goofa & Ashiana - 0.2 km
  • Cafe Sol Restaurant - 0.2 km

Places to Stay Nearby the State Library

  • Wildflower Hall - 1 km
  • Agyaat Vaas - 0.5 km
  • The Oberoi Cecil - 2 km
  • Hotel Ekant - 5.1 km
  • Hotel Kapil -0.2 km

Best Time to visit State Library Shimla

You can visit the State Library when you are on vacation in Shimla. The library is open all year around, from Tuesday to Sunday. The weekly off is on Monday. The timings of the Library are from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening. If you are a loner or wanderers who want a good experience you can visit the library. There is no entry fee for the visitors.

How to Reach State Library

The State Library is located in the central part of Shimla at the Ridge. If you are staying in city, you can use bus and auto to reach at The Ridge.
Distance from Shimla Airport: 10 km away
Distance from Shimla Railway Station: 1.5 km away

Address of the State Library

State Library
Lakkar Bazar
Shimla - 171001
Phone no.: 0177 262 5864
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