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Trekking in Shimla

Trekking is one of most popular adventure sports all over the world. It can be broadly defined as the long and adventurous journey on the foot. It is undertaken in the areas where any common means of the transport such as bike, car or bus cannot go or are not available. The equivalent term in North America and Canada for trekking is backpacking or hiking. The citizens of New Zealand use the word tramping for trekking. In UK or Ireland, they use several terms such as rambling, fell walking, hillwalking or just walking to describe trekking. It covers every situation such as trekking in the Alps Mountain or a walk in the park.

Trekking in Shimla

Trekking has become so popular with people from all the sections, regardless of age, gender and race who enjoy trekking in their spare time. There are many popular trekking organizations around the world. There are many studies which suggest that trekking is very good for the health. Most of the people, estimate the hiking time with Tobler’s hiking function or Naismith’s rule.

North India is located in the lap of the Himalayan ranges. Due to this fact, there lot of popular trekking routes in Shimla and around Shimla.

About Trekking in Shimla

Trekking is a very popular and exciting adventure sport where the trekking enthusiasts walks or treks from one mountain to the other. Each mountain is different with different terrains and the attitude from the sea level.  This makes every experience of the trekking different from each other. The tourist department of Shimla provides complete guidance, equipments, camps and other services to the trekkers. If you want to try the trekking, Shimla is the ideal place to enjoy this adventure sports.

Shimla and the areas near the city are dotted with several mountains, with mountain pass connecting to the other side of the valley. These makes for the best trekking routes for every type of the trekkers. While trekking, you can cross one pass and go back or you can go further and again cross the mountain pass to the next valley. There are more than 2 dozen passes in Dhauladhar range. In Pirpanjal range there are more than 12 passes. If you want to cross the Great Himalayan range to visit Zanskar Valley, you have to cross 8 to 10 mountain passes.

Trekking Camps

Most of the areas, which has trekking routes has always cold climate. So, the woolens are the essential items to pack when you are going trekking in this area.  The best season for trekking is from first week of June to last week of October. The trekking activity is closed during the winter.

Routes for Trekking in Shimla

There are many popular trekking routes near Shimla and the nearby areas. Most of the trek routes are different from each other. Depending upon your choice, you can choose the long route or short route as per your vacation time and the capability. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation or HPTDC as it is known has made the arrangements for the shelters and the rest houses for the trekkers on these routes.

Trekking in the snow

Some popular trekking routes in Shimla are:

  1. The first trekking route starts from Shimla and ends at Banjar. The route continues through various places such as Luhri, then Ani, then Khanag, then Jalori Pass, then Jibhit and ends at Banjar.
  2. The second trekking route starts from Shimla and ends at Chakrata. For reaching Chakrata, you have to pass through various places. They are Narkanda, then Hattu Peak, then Chaupal, then Kedi, then Halau, then Kandol, then Koli. From there you can go to Chakrata at the end of the trekking route.
  3. The third trekking route starts and ends at Shimla. From Shimla, you can go to Narkanda, then to Khadrala, then Sungri, then Devidhar, from there you can go to Rohru and then back to Shimla.
  4. The fourth trekking route starts from Banjar, then you can go to Bathad, then Sarahan, then Arsu, then you can visit Rampur and the trekking ends at Shimla.

These are the most popular trekking routes of Shimla. If you want to check the other routes, you can get more information about other trekking routes from HPTDC or Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. They will also provide you equipments and a local guide at the time of your trekking expedition.

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