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Society in Shimla

For prosperity and progress of a country, it is mandatory that society is taken care of well. Shimla like any other urban city or town of India has many government and non-government societies formed and working there. These societies hit the problem areas of our society i.e. child labor, child abuse, woman welfare, education for under-privileged women and children, welfare of animals on the streets etc. Shimla has animal welfare society, child welfare society, women welfare society, environment welfare society to take care of people and environment and ensures each member of this society gets a peaceful and healthy life to live.

Society in Shimla

Child Welfare Societies in Shimla

Children are the best gift yet many children have their childhood lost as they are poor or they have lost their parents. Many children do not get proper living condition and there basic needs do not get fulfilled. Broken families, drug addicted parents, poor parents fail to provide their children what they need. These children do not get opportunity to get education so in future they fail to earn their livelihood. Child Welfare Society in Shimla aims at lending its hand to help out children who live below poverty line, live in slums, and are working at this early age.

Primary education, daily meals and proper vocational trainings are given to these children by different children welfare societies in Shimla. Child abuse including sexual abuse by the close members of the family as well as strangers bring trauma in children and their childish feelings get curbed when such incident(s) happens. Drug addiction is another major problem in the children of the slum areas. Child Welfare societies help children to come out any kind of traumatic experience by providing them right medical care and arranging counseling sessions for them.

Child Welfare in Shimla

GSNWS (Global Social Network Welfare Society) is a NGO that has started working for the needy and poor people and also for the betterment of the environment. Computer education in the rural and remote areas and monetary support to needy students are provided by this NGO. Counseling is also arranged for the parents and the entire family if needed.

Environment Welfare in Shimla

Protecting our environment is a must for all. Shimla being visited by thousands of tourists every year, special programs and efforts are taken by various NGOs in Shimla to work towards the betterment of the environment. Planting trees, arranging camps and workshops for better environment, teaching the school children about the importance of environment protection are some of the major work areas of this society.

Environmental Welfare in Shimla

Incredible Himachal NGO, Global Social Network Welfare Society, and Open Hands Welfare Society aim at keeping the environment of Shimla pristine and green.

Old People Welfare in Shimla

Older people need special care and attention. In our society, older people are respected and their values are still given importance but in many cases elderly people do not get what they should be. Children working outside of Shimla, not enough money, disability due to long-term illness, passing away of one partner are some of the reasons why old people prefer to go to old age homes.

Old People Welfare in Shimla

 Old People Welfare societies aim at looking after interests of older people of the society so that they could enjoy last few years of their life and live a peaceful and happy life.

Women Welfare in Shimla

Women no matter how educated or well placed still face different problems in their personal, professional and social life. Women Welfare Societies offer help of all types to women who are poor and privileged, uneducated, get abused by their husbands, and families & others. Providing education, granting monetary help to ensure they are self-employed, providing vocational trainings to help them earn in future are some of the activities performed by women welfare societies.

Women Welfare in Shimla

Family planning, sanitation, safe sex etc. are also some of the issues that are taken care of during various camps and workshops arranged by these societies.

Animal Welfare in Shimla

Animal Welfare is a must for the modern society. Animals have the equal right to live a good life as that of humans. Shimla city has animal welfare society that takes care of stray dogs and monkeys. Catching them, sterilizing them, after surgery care and releasing them in their proper environment are some of the responsibilities of animal welfare society. The society also looks after aged and wounded street animals and provides them proper care.  Stray dogs are vaccinated from time to time too.

Animal Welfare in Shimla

In Shimla, Stray Dogs Birth Control Society was formed in 2005 on 3rd January as per the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The society was formed under the name of “Stray Dogs Birth Control Society, Shimla MC”. Funds were arranged from the NGOs and other government organizations. The then commissioner of the MC Shimla was the president and then Dr. Arun Sirkeck; the Veterinary Public Healthy Office of Shimla MC became the Nodal Officer. The society is now having 2 veterinary doctors and seven well-trained staff members.

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