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Courts in Shimla

Shimla was a princely state and the judiciary system of Shimla was quite different as it had a different set of laws like other princely states. The judiciary system of the princely states was basically dependent on the whims of the rules of those states. With the integration of Shimla and other hill regions of Punjab to form a new state Himachal Pradesh, the state came under the central administration. Shimla now houses the High Court of Himachal Pradesh and the district court also.

High Court in Shimla

About Shimla High CourtAs per the order of the central government given on 15th August, 1948, the court of Judicial Commissioner was formed for the Union Territory of Himachal Pradesh. Initially the court was set up at Harvingtan, in Bharari, Shimla. The court was given the powers of a High Court as per the guidelines of the Judicial Commissioner’s Court Act that was setup in 1950.

The court had 2 district and session courts and about twenty seven subordinate courts under it. Judicial Commissioner’s Court started working in 1948 on 15th August.

In the year 1967, on 29th April, Shimla had another District and Session Court and another was established for Kangra.

As the Delhi High Court Act was passed in 1966, Himachal Pradesh also came under its jurisdiction. The Court of Judicial Commissioner got replaced by the Delhi High Court’s Himachal Bench. Now High Court of Himachal Pradesh started working at Ravenswood Building. Delhi High Court’s first Circuit Bench was formed by Shri S.K.Kapoor and Shri Hardayal Hardy.

Shimla Court was held by this bench at “Ravenswood” in Shimla. When Himachal Pradesh became a separate state in 1971, the High Court of the state started working at Ravenswood Building in Shimla. It started working with one Chief Justice and two judges. The first Chief Justice was Mr. M.H. Beg. The present strength of the High Court in Himachal Pradesh State is 11 which include the chief justice as well.

Functions and Duties of Shimla High Court

Working hours of Shimla High Court is from 10 am -1 pm then it is again from 2 pm - 4:15 pm. Though Saturdays are non-working days for the court but some Saturdays, the court remains functional. Court is closed on Sunday.

High Court in Shimla

The High Court Registry is opened from 9:45 am every day except the holidays. It is opened till 4:45 pm and there is a lunch break of half-an hour from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm. Registrar General heads the Registry and it has the following sections.
  • Confidential Branch
  • Inspection Branch
  • Rules Branch
  • Vigilance Branch
  • GAD Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Establishment Branch
  • Accounts Branch
  • Judges Branch
  • Organization & Administration Branch
  • Protocol Branch
  • Computer Branch

Registrar General
High Court of Himachal Pradesh
Phone No.: 0177 265 0800
Fax: 0177 265 0900
Email ID: hicourt-hp@nic.in

Judges of Shimla High Court

The pool of judges of Shimla High Court is as following:

Acting Chief Justice: Justice Mansoor Ahmed Mir

Other Judges: Justice Sanjay Karol
Justice Rajiv Sharma
Justice V.K. Sharma
Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan
Justice Dharam Chand Chaudhury

District Court in Shimla

Before India became independent from the British Rule, Shimla did not have any District and Sessions Judge. To look after the administration in Shimla, District and Sessions Judge of Ambala, Punjab, used to have Circuit or Camp Court in Shimla at the Collectorate Building. Even after independence,  Shimla was part of Punjab State and that is why  District and Sessions Judge , Ambala , Punjab used to hold Camp Court in Shimla. When Shimla District was made in 1966 on 1st November, District and Sessions Judge Court started working permanently in Shimla. In the year 1972, some areas of Mahasu District got included in Shimla.

e-court in Shimla

Current Setup of Shimla District Court

Apart from having the Court of District and Session Judge Shimla, three more Appellate Courts are also present in Shimla. They are:
  • Additional District and Sessions Judge Court
  • Additional District and Sessions Judge Court (Fast Track)
  • Court of District and Sessions Judge(Forest)

Shimla has 7 courts at the Sub-ordinate Judiciary Level. They are:

  • Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate-cum-Civil Judge (Senior Division)-cum-Rent Controller
  • Court of Judicial Magistrates-cum-Civil Judges-cum-Rent Controllers (total 6 in numbers)

Shimla district has recently got two more courts for better Administration in Shimla.  District and Sessions Judge heads the District Judiciary. The District and Sessions Judge controls the administration of all the courts of Civil and Sessions Division.

Important Contact Numbers of District Court Shimla

Judicial Officer- District and Sessions Judge
Phone No.: 0177 2656 638 (O) / 0177 280 1896 (R)

Judicial Officer- District and Sessions Judge (For Forest)
Phone No.: 0177 2652 403 (O) / 0177 283 2333 (R)

Judicial Officer- Additional District and Sessions Judge
Phone No.: 0177 280 1296 (O) / 0177 265 7856 (R)

Judicial Officer- Additional District and Sessions Judge (For Fast Track)
Phone No.: 0177 265 7739 (O), 0177 2808797 (R)

Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Senior Division) / Chief Judicial Magistrate
Phone No.: 0177 265 8898 (O) / 0177 262 5868 (R)
Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Senior Division) / Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate- Court Number-1
Phone No.: 0177 265 8930 (O) / 0177 262 2680 (R)

Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Senior Division) /J udicial Magistrate for First Class- Court Number 2
Phone No.:0177 265 8779 (O) / 0177 280 4101 (R)
Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Junior Division) / Judicial Magistrate forFirst Class- Court Number 3
Phone No.: 0177 265 5236 (O) / 0177 262 5837 (R)

Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Junior Division) / Judicial Magistrate for First Class- Court Number- 4
Phone No.: 0177 265 7616 (O) / 0177 262 2554 (R)

Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Junior Division) / Judicial Magistrate for Court- Number- 5
Phone No.: 0177 265 3500 (O), 0177 280 0106 (R)

Judicial Officer-Civil Judge (Junior Division)/Judicial Magistrate for Court- Number- 6
Phone No.: 0177 280 7561 (O) / 0177 262 0107 (R)

Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Junior Division) / Judicial Magistrate for Court Number-7
Phone No.: 0177 265 5646 (O) / 0177 262 9654 (R)

Judicial Officer- Civil Judge (Junior Divison) / Judicial Magistrate for Court Number-8
Phone No.: 0177 265 8369 (O) / 0177 262 3846 (R)

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