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Adventure Sports in Shimla

If you want an adrenaline rush in your veins and wind in your hair, then Shimla is one of the best places to visit. This newly discovered recreation is becoming very popular among the visitors, who come to city for experiencing the adventure thrill of their life. The mountain ranges and the fast flowing rivers of Himalayas are ideal to try the adventurous pursuits. The varied topography of Shimla city and nearby places is perfect places to indulge in some interesting action. So, if you want some mind-blowing experience, Shimla is the perfect place for you.

Adventure Sports in Shimla

Adventure sports are one of the latest trends, which are becoming a new source of income in Shimla. Shimla and some nearby places provide you infrastructure and facilities to enjoy many adventure sports.  These sports include skiing, river rafting, mountain cycling, Heli-skiing, Para-gliding, trekking, hang gliding, rock climbing, angling, camping etc. The hotels and travel agents in Shimla provide you with all information about the adventure sports.

HPTDC or Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has developed most of the infrastructure for the adventure sports in the state. They also help by giving all the information and equipments which are necessary for the adventure sports activities. They also book you with instructors and the schedule for a taste of adventure sports of your choice. If you are tired and want to experience the rush of adrenaline check out your favorite adventure sports in Shimla. When you want to climb on the rock or fly like a bird, make a date with the instructor and the sport of your choice.

Skiing in Shimla

Shimla is best known city for the smooth slopes and the snow-capped mountain peaks. This makes the place ideal for going on a skiing vacation. It is the best place to ski after Switzerland. Shimla has various types of choices in skiing slopes which begin from the beginner’s easy slope to the advance slope and a slalom run. There are three to four places in and around Shimla, which are famous all over the world for skiing vacation. When you decide to visit Shimla in winter season, you can make your choice for spending the skiing vacation.

Some places which offer skiing vacation in winter season near Shimla are as follows:


Kufri is widely known as Winter sports capital of the Shimla. Kufri is just 13 kms away from Shimla. Kufri is situated at 2622 meters attitude from the sea level. It is also known as the Skier’s paradise which starts from January and lasts till March. The town of Kufri is very quiet, but it comes alive during the winter season when tourists from all over the world visit the town for skiing vacation.


Mashobra is located 13 kms away from Shimla and is among the popular places for skiing adventure sport. The skiing season starts in Mashobra in December and lasts till March. This time is ideal for your skiing vacation and other winter sports.

Skiing in Shimla


Narkanda is just 60 kms away from Shimla city. It has one of the oldest resorts in India. The most attractive feature of town is fact that it is far from the madding crowd. Also, the ski slopes of Narkanda are virtually pristine, which makes it attractive for the skiing enthusiasts. This lovely ski resort is located at 8100 feet from the sea level. Narkanda is also famous for cherries and the apples.

River Rafting in Shimla

River rafting is one of the most exciting sports which are attracting lot of attention from the people who crave adventure. The fast flowing and snow fed rivers of Shimla offer the best condition for the river rafting adventure in Shimla. The equipment which is used for river rafting is inflatable rubber dinghy, oars, life jackets and other items.

River Rafting in Shimla

The best season for river rafting adventures starts from October to the last week of April. There is a break of season in January, when the water in very cold to continue. The best rivers in Shimla for this adventure sport are Spiti, Beas and ChandraBhaga. The Satlaj is also suitable, as it has fantastic water rapids till Tattapani.

For more information and booking, you should contact travel agents who organize the trip or you can also get information from the hotel reception, where you are staying.

Paragliding in Shimla

Paragliding has been introduced recently in Shimla, but still it has become very popular. The beautiful valleys and the undulating hills of city provide the ideal venue for this adventure sport. A skillful combination of hang gliding and parachuting, para gliding provides the best illusion of flying in the air. This is one adventure sports which sets the adrenaline rushing in the veins and the person experiences an exhilarating experience. The blue sky and open vista provides the ideal condition for enjoying para gliding. Para gliding can be best experienced in lighter winds and also requires the less space for landing. It is very easy to learn para-gliding.

Paragliding in Shimla

If you want to enjoy para-gliding, you should visit Kangra valley as it is the hub for gliding activities. There are two places in Kangra valley, Bir and billing which are hot spots for gliding in Shimla. The billing peak hosts regular national and international paragliding rallies. For booking, you should visit your travel agent, who will give you all the help.

Heli-Skiing in Shimla

If you are seeking the ultimate thrill, there is nothing like the magic of heli-skiing. It is one of highest adrenaline thrills sport for any sport enthusiast who can just experience the feeling which cannot be described. In this sport, a helicopter flies the skier to the top of the snow capped mountain peak. Then the skiers skies down to the foot of the mountain peak. Shimla is one of the very few places in the country, where the facility of the heli-skiing is available. The area for the heli-skiing is very compact in Shimla.

Heli-Sking in Shimla

The ultimate thrill, Heli-skiing provides you with the best memories of your life. The experience starts with the helicopter, which is taking you to the top of mountain peak and carries you to your destination. A deep blue sky, snow and there is nothing, only the sound of rotor blades which are whirring and taking you to your goal. As you tie the skies on your feet and zoom towards the slopes, the icy winds slap your face. Nothing matters, except the rush of adrenaline, the hissing of skies and the feeling of being alive at that moment.

The facilities for heli-sking are available at Rohtang Pass, Caandrakhani, Hanuman Tibba and Deo Tibba.

Fishing in Shimla

Imagine clear sky, peaceful surrounding, sparkling water, and relaxed mind and flying fish, what does someone want any more from life at that moment. Fishing is one of the most popular recreational sports which are pursued in Shimla. It is one of the legacies of British era, who stocked the fish in numerous shallow streams, which are spread all over the city. Shimla is among very few places which allows tourist to fish in the country. Today, Shimla is also known as the Angler’s paradise as it provides lot of opportunities to indulge in this sport. Shimla has many popular fishing spots in city, where you can enjoy fishing. Shimla is well known for fishing all over the world due to the treasure in form of sport fish, rainbow and brown trout. The shallow water and stream makes a perfect home for trout and a perfect location for fishing.

Fishing in Shimla

There are many places, you can visit for fishing. You can visit the upstreams of Rohru , which is located in Pabbar valley. You can also visit the trout hatchery located in Chirgaon to fish for trout. You can find the best sport fish, brown and rainbow trout here in abundance. The other good fishing spots are Mandil, Seema, Dhamvari, Sandsu and Tikri. All these places are within 20 kilometers away from Rohru.

The other places include the Sangla Valley which is located in Shimla. In Sangla, you can enjoy fishing in Baspa River. The Uhl River which is located near Barot is also one of the best places to go for fishing. Some places which are situated near this fishing spot are Luhandi, Tikkar and Puran Hatchery. For more information and guidance, you can speak with the travel agent and the reception at the hotel, where you are staying in Shimla.

Shimla Ice Skating

One of the most interesting adventure sports is the ice skating sport at Shimla. It is most sought after and enjoyable sport in Shimla. The city has only natural ice skating rink and the largest open - air skating rink in the country. It attracts the local citizens and the tourists who enjoy ice skating.

The season of the ice-skating starts in the first week of December and usually ends in the last week of February. The clear skies and the cold weather of the season ensure that people can enjoy any session of ice skating without any disturbance. The management has organized the two sessions each day, the morning and the evening. The ice skating rink also provides the membership for short term and long term periods. So, the visitors and the tourist can take the advantage and become member, while they are in Shimla. The basic equipments, which are required for enjoying this adventure sports such as cap, kneepads, skates etc. are available in the ice rink for the users.

Ice Skating in Shimla

Each winter, the city organizes the ice skating festival, where local and tourists participate in large numbers. The city comes alive with the feasts, festivities, fancy dress competition for children and adult and carnival. This is the time for enjoying the cold weather, indulge yourself in hogging and the adventure sports such as Ice skating. If you want to enjoy yourself and participate in Ice skating festival, you should visit Shimla in December and watch it come alive with the vibrant colors.

Mountaineering in Shimla

One of the most popular choices for the adventure sport, mountaineering in Shimla has its own magic. Most of the adventure enthusiasts and visitors come to Shimla for the mountaineering. The lofty Himalayas are one of the most ideal places for mountaineering sport. They are known as the Mountaineers paradise. The diverse flora and the fauna work as the magnet to the people, who visit Shimla for mountaineering. The tall pine trees, lush green landscape, fresh mountain air and snow which blankets the mountain peak presents an irresistible treat for the mountaineers. There are many devoted rock climbers and mountaineers, who do not allow even one opportunity to escape for indulging the sport and are always ready to embark upon new and exciting expedition on the mountains.

Mountaineering in Shimla

For encouraging people in the mountaineering, the city has established an institute which is known as the Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports. This institute has been established at Manali and it also has a branch at Dharamshala. The institute organizes some basic courses and advances courses in various adventure sports. The courses include the water sports, skiing, trekking and mountaineering. The primary aim is to initiate the people in the field of mountaineering and other adventure sports. The institute can boast about some past students, who are famous for conquering most of the Himalayan ranges.

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